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Find Here Your PTC Sites Status


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Startupclix.Com, Scame PTC


Launch Date:  11th October 2016

Members Benefits:

$0.025 per Click, $0.0015 per RR Click, $0.0005 per DR Click, 200 RR Max. Pack, 100 DR Max. Pack,  Minimum payout $3. You can get paid $0.04 for your click and up to $0.01 for your referral clicks.

About Startupclix.Com:

Startup Clix is a fully automated free worldwide Multi Level Marketing platform - sustainable, simple and transparent value chain linking us to our members in mutually beneficial relationships built on trust and win-win outcomes.


Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin


  1. YoBit allows you to claim FREE COINS from over 100 distinct crypto-currencies, you complete a captcha once and claim as much as coins you want from the available offers.

    After you make about 20-30 claims, you complete the captcha and continue claiming.

    You can press claim as much as 50 times per one captcha.

    The coins will stored in your account, and you can exchange them to Bitcoins or Dollars.

  2. If you are trying to buy bitcoins online, Paxful is the ultimate source for bitcoins as it allows buying bitcoins by 100's of payment methods, such as MoneyGram, Western Union, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and they even allow exchanging your gift cards for bitcoins.

  3. Ever try to automate your free satoshi collections with a BTC FAUCET ROTATOR?