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Find Here Your PTC Sites Status


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Status: Scam

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Launch Date :  18th February 2017
Pay per click :  $0.01
Pay per referral click :  15% per add funds
Daily Earnings :  $0.1
Minimum Payout :  $10. - Minimum Add Funds: $5.
Payment Method
:  Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, Neteller, 


See references of clickers before joining.

Additional Information About 160pack.Com:

1. Signup Bonus: $5 in Repurchase Balance + 2000 Ad Credits.

2. Earnings Area:

PTCAds: $0.01 (10 ads available)


Referral Contest: 500$ Referral contest for top 10 earners.

3. Guide of 160pack

160pack is Professional advertising company who are selling advertisements with revenue sharing service.

160pack is not an investment program who will create magic money.

160pack is long-term business.

160pack is not free program, there is no way to compare 160pack and 154pack with other revenue sharing program because team of 160pack have a unique strategy to build a awesome network to maximise new earnings from out source income.

what is the best way to begin ?

If you are here to buy adpack here is a step :

Login into your account and Add fund

Buy monthly membership buy upgrade

Buy adpack plan purchase adpack

Buy active points Buy active point

Click daily in PTC area and directory area

Exemple :

Add fund with 105$ 

5$ to buy monthly membership

80$ to buy adpack plan adpack.

20$ to buy active points

Daily earning you can use calculator in your dashboard.

If your daily earning is less than 10$ so 100% repurchase to buy more active points .

Once you reach 10$, repeat the process 80% of fund to purchase new adpack plan and 20% to purchase new active points.

After 32 days cashout 20% and repeat the process.

With this method you are sure to have suffisant active points to cash out your money.

Now let's talk about referral commission 15% (10% level 1 , 5% level 2 with 20% repurchase rules).

Why referrals is required to cashout ?

To share your earnings opportunities with your friends .

Get referrals and earn commissions .

Get new fresh fund from the new members.

Get more earning from out source income.

If you want to cash out 20 times , you need to have 20 real referrals.

I'm not interested to get referral and earn commission what i can do to cashout?

Buy filter referral to buypass this rules .

I have money and i won't buy filter referral because for me filter referral is not good , i can not earn anything with it and I don't have a time to promote , what i can do to cashout ?

Another way to bypass this rule is to buy minimum 10 adpack plan 01 or other.

Filter referral was created after demand of big investors , after feedback from small investors this is another way to bypass is for you.

If I have less than 10 adpack plan, 0 referral and no filter referral ,i have a sufficient active points and 80 click required what i can do to cashout?

100% repurchase of your earnings until you reach 10 adpack plan.

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