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Find Here Your PTC Sites Status


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Status: New

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Launch Date :  14th February 2017
Pay per click :  $0.00025 - $0.001
Pay per referral click :  10% of click value
Daily Earnings :  $0.008
Minimum Payout :  $10.
Payment Method :  Paypal


See references of clickers before joining.

Additional Information About Aztecclicks.Xyz:

1. No Signup Bonus.

2. Earnings Area:

Paid to Click: $0.001 (7 ads), $0.00075 (1 ads), $0.00025 (4 ads)

Paid to Read ads: Read advertisments and view websites for cash and points.

Paid to Signup: Get paid to signup at websites!

Click Exchange: The click exchange allows you to click for unique traffic rather than cash. When you click, you will receive a 4/5 ratio, meaning you will get 5 unique hits for every 4 links you click. 

Read Emails: Read emails and view websites for cash and points. View your profile to opt-in for receiving paid emails.

Paid to Promote: Promote the site and get paid $0.00001 for each unique visitor that views your referral URL per 24 hours. Premium Members Earn More!

3. Upgrade Opportunities:

Standard Membership
First Membership


$0.01 Per 1000 Unique PTP Hits
$9.95 For 1 Month Membership

10 % Downline Earnings
1% Downline Earnings

$0.01 PTP CPM

Second Membership 

Third Membership 

$15.95 For 1 Month Membership

5% Downline Earnings
$24.95 For 1 Month Membership

$0.11 PTP CPM
10% Downline Earnings

$0.11 PTP CPM

Fourth Membership 

Fast Track Membership

$37.5 For 1 Month Membership

15% Downline Earnings
$150 For 1 Month Membership

$0.11 PTP CPM
5% Downline Earnings

5% Bonus Of Referral's Purchases
$1.00 PTP CPM

10% Bonus When Referrals Upgrade
25% Bonus Of Referral's Purchases

35% Bonus When Referrals Upgrade

5 Guaranteed Signups Upon Joining

20 Upon Joining

30000 Link Credits Upon Joining

30000 Popup Credits Upon Joining

30000 Email Credits Upon Joining

30000 PTR Credits Upon Joining

30000 X-Credits Upon Joining

30000 Banner Credits Upon Joining

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