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Find Here Your PTC Sites Status


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Status: New

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Launch Date :  29th December 2016
Pay per click :  $0.0025 - $0.01
Pay per referral click :  15% of click value.
Daily Earnings :  Up to $0.121
Minimum Payout :  $1
Payment Method :  Paypal.


See references of clikers before joining.

Awaiting Information

Additional information About Nintendo-switch.Trade:

1. Signup Bonus: $0.1 in Main Balance.

2. Earnings Area:  

Paid to Click: $0.01 (4 ads), $0.005 (2 ads), $0.003 (19 ads), $0.0025 (2 ads)

Video Wall: Cash per video you watch for more then 30 seconds

AuroraSMV2 Grid: Try your luck and win cash, View ads and can win cash prizes..

Paid to Read ads: $0.003 (3 ads available)

Paid to Signup:  $0.01 (5 Offers Available)

Click Exchange:  Earn 4.6666 Exchange Credits and 7 Tickets Drawing (7 link available)

Paid to Read Email ads: The click exchange allows you to click for unique traffic rather than cash. When you click, you will receive a 3/2 ratio, meaning you will get 2 unique hits for every 3 links you click 

Paid to Promote: Promote the site and get paid $0.001 for each unique visitor that views your referral URL per 24 hours. 

Upgrade & Refer Members: When you are an upgraded member, you get cash bonuses whenever any of your direct referrals purchase an item from our site, upgrade, or just earn money themselves. Upgrade today and have others work for you!

3. Upgrade Opportunities:


$7.5 For 1 Month Membership

5% Downline Earnings

$0.50 PTP CPM

15% Bonus Of Referral's Purchases

15% Bonus When Referrals Upgrade

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