Find Here Your PTC Sites Status

Find Here Your PTC Sites Status


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Status: New

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Launch Date :  4th January 2107
Pay per click :  $0.004 - $0.016
Pay per referral click :  Up to $0.01
Daily Earnings :  $0.04
Minimum Payout :  $2. Minimum Add Funds: $0.5
Payment Method :  Bitcoin


See references of clikers before joining.

Awaiting Information

About Paycheck.ML:  The Adult PTC Network

Members Benefits:

1. Instant Payments and Receiving System.
2. Detailed statistics of your referral clicks.
3. Profesional Support.
4. View advertisement: $0.016 (1 ad), $0.012 (1 ad), $0.008 (1 ad), $0.004 (1 ad)
5. Paid To Signup Offers: $0.1 (1 ad.)
6. Upgrade opportunities:  System not work.

Advertisers Benefits:

This is the right place for you, with competitive prices and the ability to reach thousands of potencial customers, you will get the traffic you always wanted!
Add your rotation plan instantly.
Choise of multiple advertisement packs.
Detailed statistics on GeoMap.
Anti-cheat protection.
CashBack with every Ads Pack.

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